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Your Wellbeing App - Heart, Mind, Body and Soul


  1. 1.What device does the app work on?
    The eFulcrum app works both on Android and iOS phones.

  2. 2.Is the app available in all countries?
    Yes, the app is available in all countries and can be downloaded through the app store.

  3. 3.How can I download the app?
    Please visit the app store on your phone (Play Store for Android and App Store for IoS), Search for Efulcrum and look for the below logo.

    Follow the install method on your phone and provide all permissions for the app to work at its utmost efficiency.

  4. 4.What will happen to my app when the new Operating System (OS) releases in both iOS and Android?
    Generally, iOS & Android do take care of the old functions so that your application does not stop working when there is new OS released. However, we ensure to keep updating our app whenever a new OS update is available.

  5. 5.How can I choose which notifications do I get?
    At this moment of time, we have not categorised our notifications. We will update you once we have enabled this feature. You can manage to switch on and off the alert and notifications through the settings area located on the top right of your profile page.

  6. 6.Why am I not getting any notifications?
    Please enable the notification feature in the settings.

  7. 7.I am facing problems in sending and receiving messages. Please check your data connectivity. Also check that you have installed the latest updates/upgrades.

  8. 8.Can I save the blog posts to read later?
    At this point of time, this feature is not within the Application. You can save the link externally to read the post later.

  9. 9.How can I change the app’s language?
    At this moment we only offer English as the default language of Application. Though our Service Professionals offer Services in different languages.

Account settings:

  1. 1.I am not getting an OTP on my registered mobile number.Reinstall the application and try again. For any other issues write to us info@efulcrum.in

  2. 2.I have forgotten my username and password. How can I find it?
    Use our forget password option on the Login/Sign up screen.

  3. 3.How do I change my password?
    Under edit profile option you can change your password.

  4. 4.Can I have more than one account?
    No, you can’t have more than one account. If there is any please delete it.

  5. 5.Do I need to submit any verification documents such as passport/aadhaar card?
    No such documents are asked from Consumers but may asked from Service Professionals. Please refer Terms of Use www.efulcrum.in.terms

  6. 6.How do I get in touch with the admin team?
    We have provided all the features digitally. But if you still have any issues you can mail us info@efulcrum.in

  7. 7.How can I restore my chat history?
    It is automatically stored for you for 30 days, unless you choose to delete it.

Expert (Service Provider)

  1. 1.How do I find the right and relevant Expert?
    Our in house experts with 200+ years of experience and internal evolving process, do it for you for free, only once you have answered a few questions and provided with your inputs. Once the Expert confirms his availability, your booking gets confirmed.

  2. 2.Where can I see a list of Experts?
    This can be seen by clicking Experts on the home screen. You can also directly book the Service by using filtering options and going through the profiles of Experts.

  3. 3.What if I am unsatisfied with my current Expert?
    We have a feedback mechanism post every session. If you are unsatisfied with your Service or Expert we try to map you with another Expert or as per your request refund the amount of a Pro rata basis. Be assured all our Experts go through a strong quality assurance process before their listing.

  4. 4.What happens to my information when a Expert recommends me to another?
    This happens only when the Expert feels that your requirements are more than that can be fulfilled by him. In this case all the past information goes to the other Expert for better Services.

  5. 5.How can I provide feedback and testimonials?
    At the end of every session, you will be able to give a feedback. At the end of all sessions you will be able to give a testimonial. We keep all the testimonials anonymous unless you choose to disclose your name.

Booking an Appointment:

  1. 1.How do I book an appointment with a Service Professional?
    Either you can book the expert through our in house experts/software depending on your requirement by answering a few questions or directly going to the Experts page. In the first case it may take us some time to evaluate your requirement before mapping right Experts. Expert will also confirm his availability only when booking will be made. Time in which Expert will be mapped will be communicated at that point of time. Appointments are also dependent on Experts schedule.

  2. 2.Why is the calendar not working for me?
    Please check that you have not disabled the calendar option.

  3. 3.How do I know if a Service Professional has accepted my booking request?
    You will get a message that your booking has been confirmed.

  4. 4.Where can I view the status of my appointments?
    In your profile, under appointments you can view the status.

  5. 5.What are the next steps after booking a first appointment?
    After the first booking has been confirmed, you need to connect with the Expert at the scheduled time. The first booking is always free.

  6. 6.Once an appointment is booked, can I amend the date/timing?
    In the first free appointment, date and time can’t be amended. Date and time can be amended with the consent of the Expert post the free appointment.


  1. 1.How much does each session with the Service Professional cost?
    You will have a free first session with your Expert at the beginning of your journey, at this stage the Expert will try to understand your issues better and also discuss the fee structure, sessions required and the mode of payment with you.

  2. 2.Who will pay for the Expert sessions?
    You or your guardian will be paying for all Expert sessions through the cart function of the app.

  3. 3.How will I add my sessions to the payment cart?
    The Expert you have been assigned will enable a payment and contract option for you which will then be placed within the cart functionality of the app.

  4. 4.How secure is the payment function on efulcrum?
    We try to ensure complete security. We are using third party secure app for all payment transactions. For their privacy or security policy do visit their site.

  5. 5.I have paid for multiple sessions but completed my course in less time than required. How can I get a refund?
    You will get a refund of the uncompleted sessions once you raise such a request and Expert confirms it.

  6. 6.What other payment options are provided?
    We use a Third party payment interface for enabling payments which enables payment through all digital payment modes – net banking, debit card, credit card and some wallets.

  7. 7.How do I pay for Other services?
    If the service is offered through a Service Professional, same process will follow. If the Service is a standard digital offering you can just add it directly to your cart and buy.

  8. 8.Will my cards be saved for future transactions?
    You can either save or not save your cards.

  9. 9.Where do I get discount coupon codes from?
    You may get discount coupons based on any ongoing marketing campaign of Efulcrum.

  10. 10.What if my transaction fails mid-way?
    If your transaction fails mid-way, you need to take up this with your bank. If payment gets reflected into our account during the transaction failed message, we will refund back it in the same account. No booking will happen for this transaction.

  11. 11.How will I be notified for transactions and refunds?
    You will get notifications for every successful transaction. You will also get notification on refunds.

  12. 12.Where can I view my transaction history?
    You can view this under my profile.

  13. 13.How long will it take for a refund transaction to reach my bank account?
    We will process the refund in 7 working days post confirmation of the Expert, if such confirmation is required.

  14. 14.Can I download an invoice?
    Yes, you can download a booking invoice for the booking made. Taxable invoice if required has to be obtained from Expert.

  15. 15.Do I have an option to apply for an EMI?
    There is no EMI option that we provide. Our partner bank may provide it.

  16. 15.What all is available on my payment dashboard?
    It shows the payment made, services availed and refunds processed, if any.

Voice and Video calls:

  1. 1.I am having troubleshoot problems with the voice and video quality Check your data connectivity.

  2. 2.I am unable to call or video chat with my Service Provider. Please enable the camera and microphone options on your mobile. Check you data connectivity.

  3. 3.Why isn’t my camera working during a video call?
    Please enable the camera from the settings.

  4. 4.Why do I get sent to a third-party app?
    This will only happen for making payment and any other Service that we don’t on our Application.

  5. 5.How do I add the Service Provider to my video/voice call app?
    Once the payment has been made, these services along with Expert’s profile will automatically be accessible.

For any other issues write to us support@efulcrum.in