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Luke, at just 32, has been suffering from back and joint pains.

He realises the reason for his pains is that he stares at a screen all day in office

He resolves to make a change and as a first step downloads the e-Fulcrum app

He choses to joins Yoga and Meditation classes

After a few weeks, he decides to take the next step and improve his eating habits

Post a one-on-one session with a dietitian, Luke chooses a healthy-eating package

Combined with a new lifestyle, the new diet works wonders for his health

Luke continues to use the Dynamic Dashboard to keep track of his goals

Coaching and Counselling

Relationship counselling, Student counselling, Career guidance, Life Coaching and Executive Coaching.

Do you aspire to something more in your personal or professional life? Whatever be your goals, experienced coaches will collaborate with you to grow from where you are now, to where you want to be. Expert counselors will guide you from a space of personal discomfort and help you adopt more constructive life practices. Be prepared to focus on more well-being, success through self-motivation, and being accountable as you focus on taking action week after week. eFulcrum connects you to Coaches and Counsellors that focus of many aspects like Leadership, Executive, Relationship, Career etc.

Healthy living - Yoga, Meditation, Fitness

A healthy lifestyle promotes well-being and takes care of a whole host of anxieties. Multiple studies have linked activities like Yoga and Meditation to greater personal happiness. Are you looking for a lifestyle that makes you less susceptible to heart diseases and diabetes? eFulcrum provides a whole host of services to fulfill your goals. We conduct music therapy, art therapy, writing therapy, pranik healing, to name just a few.

Healthy Eating

Partnering with nutritionists and dieticians that provide a range of healthy eating options and memberships

A good, well-balanced and nutritious diet is a must with a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating habits promote overall health and magnify positive effects from a similar lifestyle. By partnering with nutritionists and dieticians, we provide a range of services and memberships to help achieve each individual's personal goals


E-fulcrum recognizes that each customer has different needs and goals that they aim to achieve. Hence, a personalized and dynamic dashboard is available to each customer that helps them stay on track with their goals and measure their performance based on products purchased.

About Us

Vision – Impacting 15 Million lives in a span of 5 years through dedicated human and digital offerings in well being of mind, heart, soul and body.

Mission - Help people grow and lead a life full of happiness with palette of dedicated services at the press of a button in relationships and careers counseling, meditation, yoga, fitness and healthy eating.

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Customer First


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